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The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons is the organisation which is responsible for the regulation of Veterinary Surgeons in the United Kingdom.

RCVS accreditation is voluntary, you do not have to be an accredited practice in order for you to be a good veterinary practice. However, becoming an accredited practice takes a lot of work and requires the practice to pass a rigorous inspection by an independent Inspector appointed and trained by the RCVS. A practice which submits itself to this process is likely to take the service it supplies to its clients very seriously.

When the practice becomes accredited the RCVS provides leaflets to be handed out to clients, below is the information taken from the leaflets.

We are a Small Animal General Practice

There are three levels of accreditation. The lowest level is called Core Standards and signifies compliance with a range of legal and health and safety requirements. If your standards are higher than this then you can be accredited as a General Practice, this will be in a specialist area of either small animals, farm animals, equine, or as an Emergency Service Clinic; or a combination of these. The third and top level of accreditation is as an RCVS Veterinary Hospital, this can be for either small animal or equine patients. The title indicates that, amongst other things, there is a large range of specialist equipment on the premises. Veterinary Hospitals are usually very large practices with several branch surgeries.

We are an RCVS accredited small animal veterinary general practice
Welcome to an RCVS small animal general practice
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