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Animal Care

Just like humans all other living things require food, fluid and warmth in order to survive. Obviously different species all have different ideas about what temperature is comfortable and noticeably different ideas about what is food and the best sort of fluid, especially amongst some of the more exotic pets!

Whatever the variation in needs the fact is that your pet will die a lingering death if they are not met. Therefore it is very important that you know how to look after the pet you have chosen. It is helpful if you find out about your prospective pet’s needs before you choose the individual who will be coming home with you.

One thing that you need to bear in mind is that even the more usual pets such as cats and dogs may not thrive on the same diet you choose for yourself. Perhaps the most obvious example of this is Vegetarian owners who wish their cat to stop eating meat; cats have a body which depends on a substance which is only found in meat. This substance can not be obtained by dietary supplements, or in any other way. A Vegetarian cat is a cat who is slowly dying.

Pets also need exercise. Once again the amount and type of exercise is dependent on the species, tortoises don’t need the same sort of exercise as dogs do. However, exercise needs can also vary according to the individual. Some humans enjoy exercise and some don’t, some people put on weight very easily others don’t. Individual animals vary from the ‘norm’ just as we do.                                      
Almost all animals except dogs regulate their own exercise, but dogs are pack animals and need someone to organise their life for them. If you are a dog owner it is up to you to make sure they get enough exercise to stay healthy.

Dogs also have the greatest need for companionship. This is not suggesting that any other pet will thrive on being ignored because they won’t, but dogs become very anxious if they feel isolated and this can result in behaviour problems.          
If cats don’t get the sort of interaction they want with ‘their’ humans then they are likely to wander off and find some humans they like better. This is not usually an option for a dog because of their tendency to feel nervous if they are not part of a group.


This section is divided into 4 parts. Cat Care, Dog Care, Care of other pets and Care of Wildlife.

The Financial Services Authority do not allow us to give specific advice about insurance. However, many clients find insurance to be very useful, and we would recommend that you consider whether insurance would be the right thing for you and if you can afford it. If you decide to take out insurance we strongly recommend that you take out a policy which will cover your pet for its life; if you can only afford an annual policy you need to be aware that not only will a claim lead to the condition being excluded on renewal at the end of the year, but it will also prevent you getting ANY insurance against that condition in the future. Please follow this link for impartial advice.

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