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RCVS Accredited Small Animal Practice
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Views of the Surgery

Waiting room front

Air-conditioned Waiting Rooms

Air-conditioned reception area

Reception desk

Air-conditioned consulting room 1

Air-conditioned Consulting Room 1

Waiting room viewed from the in door

Air-conditioned Waiting Room viewed from the IN door

quiet waiting room

Quiet Waiting Room

Air-conditioned consulting room 2

Air-conditioned Consulting Room 2

Air-conditioned kennel room

Air-conditioned Kennel Room

X-Ray room

X-Ray Room

Dental and Pre-Op Theatre

Dental and Pre-Op Theatre

Air-conditioned operating theatre

Air-conditioned Operating Theatre

Rear Car Park

Entrance to Marshall and Till car park beyond New Ming Court

Access to our car park, through New Ming Court car park

Car park from entrance2

Parking spaces as seen from the entrance

7, of 10, available parking spaces in Marshall and Till car park

7 of our parking spaces as seen from above


Courtesy of Google Earth. An aerial image showing our car park in the centre, marked in yellow.

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