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  SUMMER 2012

BUNNY VACCINE UPDATE                                                                                     Benna2

Did you know, we can now give a dual vaccine for yearly immunisation against Myxomatosis and VHD, ie both in just one injection, instead of having to bring your rabbit in twice within a fortnight …. Anything to make life a little easier!

…. SUMMER IS A COMIN’IN … (???Really???)

… And if/when it does, once again at the risk of being boring as we’re always going on about this, PLEASE PLEASE check your rabbit every day, for any signs of a dirty bottom which could lead to the dreaded maggot scenario! 


In this current economic climate, we are all “looking for a bargain”.  Just a word of warning though … if you are considering purchasing any veterinary medicines via the internet then please be aware that there is a possibility the product you purchase MAY be fake!

There have, for example, been instances of unscrupulous sellers packaging and listing Frontline for Dogs and Cats, which is not the original product.  These products may be totally ineffective, with no active ingredients, or worse containing ‘home concoctions’ unapproved for domestic animal use and extremely unsafe.  The practice has escalated so much that the Environmental Protection Agency (US) has listed some guidelines to help spot a fake from the real product.  You may find this list helpful:-

    Make sure the Lot Number on the retain package matches the lot number of the applicator package and/or individual applicators.

    Make sure the instruction leaflet is included (giving first aid statements, emergency numbers, precautionary statements for humans and pets, directions for use, etc).

    The legitimate applicator package has a notch between the individual applicator packages, which are generally absent on counterfeit goods.

In general, if you do purchase over the internet, make sure the company is UK based and note down the firm’s contact number.

Lastly, if you do have any concerns regarding any veterinary medicine purchase over the internet, you should either contact the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (, select ‘Help and Advice’ tab to find your nearest office). 


We are of course continuing to assist with processing your pet insurance claims, however, owing to the recent rise in cost of postage, we would now ask that you provide a stamped, addressed envelope with your claim form.

HAPPY HOLIDAYSdog snow (2)

From 1st January this year, the rules for taking your pets abroad have been simplified.   The preparation timescale is much shorter and costs for this process have therefore reduced.  You do still need to contact DEFRA in the first instance to check the appropriate rules for the country/countries you are travelling to (and through).  The DEFRA website is very helpful
( or you can telephone the Pet Travel Scheme helpline, 0870 241 1710.  So perhaps now you may consider sunnier climes this year?!

If you are considering taking your pet abroad, then you will definitely need to have your pet ID chipped, wherever your destination.  If your pet is already ID chipped, then please do make sure that your contact details held by the chip company’s database are absolutely up-to-date.  Make sure you add your ‘overseas’ details, as a UK landline number isn’t much use if you are in Spain!

Another ‘holiday’ related topic is if your dog is going into kennels, you need to plan in advance for the kennel cough injection.  A large number of boarding kennels now require their ‘guests’ to have had this vaccine, but even if the kennels don’t insist it’s definitely wise to cover your dog anyway.  This needs to have been administered at least 2 weeks prior to boarding and protection lasts for a year.  If you have any queries on this subject, then please don’t hesitate to contact the surgery for further advice.

Finally, please PLEASE avoid leaving your dogs (or any animal for that matter!) unattended in a car, especially during the warmer seasons.  If the sun is shining, it really doesn’t take much time for your vehicle’s interior to become like an oven. 


Yes, once again, we were filling up our kennel space with the, dazed, confused and generally lost ‘furry’ souls of Belper. 

strayboyIntroducing “stray boy”, a very friendly tabby and white male, who arrived in a very snuffly/sneezy state, complete with his ‘bits’ still attached.  We were able to secure some funding from Cats Protection and the RSPCA, so after sorting out his immediate health issues, we then neutered him.  He doesn’t like being picked up much, but is very friendly and fussy around people, on his own terms. .. and was eating us out of house and home!   He was getting a bit ‘stir crazy’, when luckily someone took him on as a farm cat, which is an ideal environment for him.  RESULT!!!!!


 Enter Jason Bestwick, recently qualified veterinary surgeon! 

 A local lad, born and bred, some of you may have known him since his nursery days!  Having spent some time with us as a vet student (seeing practice), when he graduated from Nottingham Vet School, we were more than happy to snap him up (and we think he’s happy too).  He has an interest in Exotics and plans to further his expertise in this area in the coming years.

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